Consistency -
I will argue this all day, consistency is a two-part element.

1 — Maintaining simplicity — Messaging and copy don’t need to be rocket science, say what you want to say over and over again in a simple fashion, and people will resonate with it.

2 — Association — Hopefully by now, you’ve been able to understand your customers, I mean really understand them. This is one of the highlights for me, I love talking with customers and hearing about their needs, wants, and pains. …

Being in Product and Marketing for over a decade people ask for tips and tricks on how to build and launch their product. From CPG to SaaS I have had the great fortune to launch hundreds of products.

To maximize the efforts of a product launch I start with a framework. With a baseline set, everyone can get on the same page quicker and launch with more momentum. The following product launch steps are developed to help align the goals and tactical execution.

The downloadable step-by-step guide breaks down each task of the product launch (Download Here).

Follow the three…

Shawn Parry

+15 years blending product and marketing to optimize the consumer experience. I strive to help people see they can build their own dreams.

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